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Posted: Tue, 30th Jun 2020

Easing of Restrictions for Sporting Organisations from 1st July 2020

With further easing of restrictions commencing tomorrow the 1st July 2020 for sporting organisations, now is a great time for clubs to update their risk assessment documents and procedures. Phase 3 rally day and competition example risk assessments are available on the associations website under Management - Risk Management (here) along with the most recent NSW Health Covid Safety Plan and other valuable tools and infographics for clubs.

From 1st July there will not be a restriction on the number of participants in a training group. Instead, all venues must now comply with the ‘four square metre rule’ to determine the maximum capacity for their venue and specific areas within their venue i.e. club house, canteen area, yards/stables etc. Details of capacity for each location should be easy to find eg. A sticker or poster with maximum capacity at entrance to grounds, clubhouse door, stables etc. Details can be found here, this information MUST be included in your risk assessment and Covid Safety plans. The maximum any outdoor venue can accommodate at any one time is 500 people, dependant on the area in square metres. 

Clubs may now utilise their canteen’s and while many of us don’t believe pony club are a business we must follow the same guidelines for Covid Safety for café’s etc. see here for further information.

While restrictions have eased PCA NSW recommends that some of the Covid safe practices implemented to minimise cross contamination continue these include (but are not limited to):

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