Covid-19 Update December 2020


Posted: Thu, 3rd Dec 2020

Various updates have been announced regarding Record Keeping and Community Sports gatherings

The easing of restrictions includes updated information for community sport and recreation activities, including the following fro Monday 7th of December:

Gatherings in outdoor public spaces:

Stadiums and theatres

At this point in time, the Public Health Order and COVID-19 Safety Plans relating to this announcement are yet to be updated. All organisations are reminded they will need to review these documents once published in the coming days.

Record keeping

Keep a record of name, contact number and entry time for all staff, volunteers, participants, spectators and contractors attending community sports activities, where this is practicable, for a period of at least 28 days. Electronic collection (e.g. using a QR code) of contact details for each person is strongly encouraged. Any paper records must be entered into an electronic format such as a spreadsheet within 12 hours. Records must be provided as soon as possible, but within 4 hours, upon request from an authorised officer.

Please find a QR Code "how to" below to streamline your event. 


Planning your End of Year Function - Find more advice here from the Office of Sport.

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