Work Health & Safety

As part of the Associations consultation process the State Office will continue to forward information to all Clubs and Zones, outlining Pony Club’s responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act. If you have any queries or ideas that you would like to share please do not hesitate to contact the state office.

Pony Club Association NSW Inc. is already committed to the health and safety of all Members and visitors as demonstrated by various policies and procedures throughout the organisation.

Club and Zone Executive, Zone Chief Instructors, Safety Officers and other adults supervising have always had a duty of care to the young people participating in Pony Club now this Act formalises this duty of care. Club and Zone Executive, Zone Chief Instructors and other adults supervising young people who work wholly within the policies and requirements of the Association are already compliant with the requirements under the Act.

As part of Pony Clubs commitment to the development of further policies and procedures to assist Clubs and Zones implement the paperwork required under the Act, the State Office has already added a number of forms, check lists, example risk assessments and other information to the Associations website (under the Risk Management tab) to help volunteers with risk management and risk mitigation strategies and the documentation processes required.

Clubs and Zones must have a Safety Officer who, in conjuction with the Club/Zone Committee, will complete and retain as a minimum a Yearly Safety Officers Check Lists relating to your venue or other venues used by Clubs/Zones. A copy of the Yearly venue check list must be forwarded to the State Office each year and may be forwarded to either your landlord or local council if relevant.

Club and Zone Committee's and Safety Officers must also complete and submit to the office risk assessments for all activities within pony club, including but not limited to rally days, inter-club days, competitions, championships, ribbon days, trail rides, ANZAC day marches, fund raising activities and camps. Each activity must be minuted and documented and kept on hand for future reference and included in Zone and Clubs review process.

A Safety Officer will be appointed by host Zones for all State Championships, a risk assessment, Serious Incident Plan and Emergency Accident Plan will also be completed by the State Office in conjuction with the host Zone.

Please note the following

For more information about PCBUs, visit and go to ‘New legislation 2012’.
To read the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act, draft model WHS Regulations and priority codes of practice, visit

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