Pony Club Workshops

FREE Pony Club Workshops

The Workshops aim to provide education and training opportunities to enable our volunteers to feel supported and fully equipped to participate as a volunteer in their Pony Club. These workshops are ideal for existing volunteers looking for Pony Club Management specific training, and they also provide a perfect opportunity for new or potential Pony Club volunteers who may be interested in volunteering in the future. Please note these workshops are FREE for PCANSW members, however non-members are subject to a $35 fee. These workshops run for aproximately five hours with breaks for lunch and morning and afternoon tea which is also provided free of charge to course attendees.

Topics which may be covered

To book a FREE Pony Club Workshop in your zone for next year, download the booking form and submit as soon as possible in order to secure your booking.

2019 Pony Club NSW Fee's

2019 State Fees are as follows:

Riding - $75

Non riding - $40

Second family member non riding - $20

Please check with your club for details of any other fees that they may have added to the state fees as above.


Event Schedules

Free Pony Club Workshop Form for 2019

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Administration Workshop Hosted by Zone 10

Saturday 1st June, 2019, please submit attendance by the 24th May 2019.

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