The Pony Club Association of NSW Insurance is through Gow Gate Insurance Brokers we have arranged Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for The Pony Club Association of New South Wales Inc, all affiliated Pony Clubs, all members of affiliated Pony Clubs, all authorised Pony Club Grounds, Directors, Officials, Employees and Volunteers. Further information on these policies can be obtained by contacting the State Office.

National incident reporting system

The form captures data on incidents and injuries to both rider and horse, and the circumstances of the incident. The system automatically provides a copy of the incident report to the state office and to the submitter. Data will be handled in accordance with the PCA Privacy Policy. Where it is an insured event (ie affecting a member) it will be provided to our insurer. This form is for use across Australia for all clubs, events, clinics, competitions, camps, rallies and musters from now on. This form has been subject to legal review and is the only form that will be recognised by our insurer.

Please find the National Incident Reportng System here

Claims Procedure

For a copy of the Insurance Claim Form please contact the State office on 02 4229 8977 or email Completed forms MUST be submitted to the office NOT directly to the insurer. We will forward the claims to the insurers so that we have a record of any claims submitted and can follow them up if necessary. Claims are not to be sent directly to the insurers under any circumstance.

Clubs should have received a copy of the new Certificate of Currency which was emailed to them at the end of last year, a copy can be found in the download tab below. From time to time clubs may require that interested parties be added to a certificate of currency, to action this please contact the state office via email providing full details of the interested party that needs to be added.

Riders are classed as financial with the Club as soon as a membership renewal/application has been made, a risk warning completed and the appropriate fees paid online. Once financial with a Club riders between the ages of 3 - 80yrs are covered by the Associations insurance cover. Please note, to make a claim you must be financial with the State Office.

Please note that Club need to submit a list of members over the age of 80 separately to the State Office so that these details may be forwarded to the insurers to be covered by the Associations Liability insurance.

During the pandemic the insurers are extending the cover, this extension has now been implemented full time with all financial riding pony club members covered as below:

‘If you are a Financial Riding Member between the ages of 3 - 80 years you are automatically insured for legal liability in respect of your personal equestrian related activities, provided that you are normally domiciled in Australia or New Zealand.   This means you are covered for your use and/or ownership and/or control of a horse(s) and direct participation in other non-income earning horse related activities.’

Please note that in order for this cover to apply to our riding members all current finanical riding member must comply with normal pony club rules including gear and uniform (approved riding helmets, boots etc.), riders must also comply with normal pony club rules surrounding the discipline including grading etc. any rider who is in breach of the associations rules will not be covered by insurance, full details of the associations rules and policies can be found

Riders should contact their Club Senior Instruction to confirm grading and appropriate riding activities to be undertaken. PCA NSW are working on providing Clubs some information on how to hold virtual rally days which will be forwarded to clubs shortly.  


Below is a summary of advice and potential insurance responses to COVID-19 from our insurer Gow Gates:

Cancellation of Events

The policies held under the PCA Insurance Program do not provide any cover against the cancellation of either individual events or stopping the sport for a period as a result of coronavirus or for any other reason.

Such cover is usually referred to as “Cancellation and Abandonment cover”.

At this point, that type of cover for coronavirus is unobtainable.  Insurers will only offer such cover where such a threat is unexpected/unforeseen and that is no longer the case with coronavirus.


Whether any of the other policies held under the PCA Insurance Programme can be triggered by coronavirus will depend on the nature of the claim that is made.  However we can confirm that, PCA  holds Public Liability insurance for the insured entities (including the States, clubs and associations) as noted under the policy, which provides cover for their legal liability for third party Injury.  Injury is defined in the policy as Bodily injury, death, sickness, disease, disability, shock, fright, mental anguish and mental injury. As such should PCA or an insured entity have civil action brought against them by a third party who contracted coronavirus as a result of the entity’s negligence, this could be claimable under the Public Liability policy.  Any claim will need to be assessed in line with the specific nature of the claim and the full policy conditions. Clubs will also need to abide by the reasonable care provision outlined below. Further to this the insurance will not respond to any criminal or statutory action arising out of defiance of any “mass gathering bans”.

Risk Management

Insurers will not unilaterally impose restrictions on how Pony Club activities should be conducted or how any entities should respond to coronavirus.  The insurance policies held do require insured entities to take all reasonable precautions to prevent Injury .  As such, reasonable care should be taken in line with recommendations of the relevant authorities including PCA and Australian health and government authorities who are best placed to advise on the response to this evolving situation.

Failure by Clubs to act in accordance with such directives from PCA or their state branch, government or relevant authorities, could see them found in breach of the reasonable care conditions of the policy.

Additional Guidance

We suggest that PCA, States and Clubs avail themselves of the relevant government directives. Specifically the government has published COVID-19 Guidelines for Community Sport which any clubs who are proceeding with events will need to adhere to as a minimum.


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