Grants & Marketing

There are a number of organisations that offer grants to sporting clubs. Here is some helpful tips on writing winning grants.

Choose A Grant

The first challenge is finding a grant. A full list of the grants available and more information can also be found below. It is useful to subscribe to the NSW Office of Communities Sport and Recreation and the Sports Community website to receive notifications when grants are open.

Writing The Grant


Available Grants

PCANSW Camp Assistance Grant

Pony Club NSW offers financial assistance to clubs and zones conducting camps by paying the travel expenses of one instructor from the paid instructors panel (of the Club/Zones own choosing) to attend. The club/zone organising the camp is responsible for:

The full listing of the current members of the Paid Instructors Panel can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. To apply for assistance, download and complete the application form.

PCANSW Cross Country Course Grant

Pony Club NSW offers a grant of $500 to clubs/zones building or renovating a cross country course who engage the services of an EA accredited course designer. Grants are limited to one per zone per year. The club must first make an application to their zone nominating the course designer to be used, which will then be considered at the following Zone committee meeting. In the event of more than one application being received by a zone a vote will be taken to decide which application is to go forward to the State Council for consideration. Following approval at Zone level, the application is submitted to the PCA office together with a letter of support from the zone and will be at the next State Council meeting. Applicants will be notified following the Council meeting to advise if their application has been successful. Payment of the grant is made following the completion of the cross country course including a written report from the course designer confirming that the course has been built as per their design and specifications.

For a list of Equestrian Australia accredited course designers click here. To apply, download the application form found at the bottom of this page and send to your zone secretary.



Marketing is about communicating your club’s activities and facilities to attract members, funds and other resources. It can be as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper. It involves finding out who your customer is and tailoring your activities to that market. The marketing of sporting clubs includes activities like open days, advertising and events. However members and officials are actually marketing the club whenever they take on their roles - often without being aware of it. A club secretary who provides information about membership over the phone contributes to the image of your club just as much as the member representing your club in uniform at a pony club competition.




There are a number of effective ways to promote your Pony Club.

  1. Website and Social Media - Set up a Club Website.These days websites are cost effective and easy to maintain. Apoint someone in your Club to regulary update your website. Social Media is a great cost effective way to marketing your club. See the flyer below "Instagram Flyer" and the YouTube Clips for more information.
  2. Advertising - is paid advertising in the media. You may choose to place an advertisment in your local newspaper, school newsletter, or local radio.
  3. Publicity & Media - This is free promotion for your club through such mediums as local newspapers or radio stations. 'Tips for writing a Media Release' can be found downloaded below.
  4. Merchandise & Uniforms - Create merchandise such as caps, socks, shirts etc to raise funds and promote your club at the same time.
  5. Flyers & Brochures - Produce a simple brochure or flyer that outlines the club information, membership fees and contact information. Distribute to the local community notice boards, library, recreation centres, primary schools or letter box drop.
  6. Newsletters - Distribute a regular newsletter to provide information to members about club events, activities and news.
  7. Signage - A banner with your club name, and colours could be used at registration days, presentation days, competitions and promotional events.
  8. Open Day - Pony Clubs are encouraged to hold an Open Day on a day that suits them throughout the year. Holding a Open Day will raise awareness of your Club in the local community. It will provide an opportunity for people to see what being a member of your Pony Club is all about and increase memberships in your Club. More information is available below.
  9. Fundraiser - Fundraising is generally the most cost effective way to raise funds for your club and can also help to promote your club in the community. Depending on the size of the event or offering, a considerable amount of planning and resources are necessary to get the most out of a fundraiser. Putting the Fun back in Fundraiser - more information available below.
  10. Pony Club NSW Competitions - Promote member and club competitions in your Club to help show the various member benefits. Or enter for your chance to win prizes which can be used at your Club. Check out our competitions page here.
  11. Grants - There are a number of organisations that offer grants to sporting clubs. This can help to make your club more sustainable and raise the profile of your club in your area, state or event nation wide.


Clubs are encouraged to hold an Open Day on a date that suits them every year. It will provide an opportunity for people to see what being a member of your Pony Club is all about and may increase memberships in your Club.

The Executive suggests that Clubs and Zones use their registration days for the Open Day Initiative. Suggestions for holding an Open Day include hosting a “trash and treasure market”, “sausage sizzles” and a “morning tea”. Any fundraising that is done on Club grounds will be covered by insurance as long as the fundraising initiative is minuted by the Club prior to the event, any person riding is a financial Riding member and that details are supplied to the State Office in writing or via email for insurance purposes. If you are in doubt as to whether your event will be covered please contact the office preferably via email at so that this can be confirmed through the insurers.

Marketing & Events Co-ordinator
Ph: 02 4229 8977

Pony Club NSW will provide the following promotional items for the Open Days;

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Promo brochure


Why Instagram?

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PCANSW Camp Assistance Grant

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PCANSW Cross Country Course Assistance Grant

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Paid Instructors Panel Member List

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How to write a media release

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Putting the FUN back in fundraiser

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How to Host an Open Day

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Open day flyer

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