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Pon E News October

What a year 2007 has been!!  When writing the last Pon E News (August) there were still several months left of exciting Pony Club events to look forward to. However not long after that email was sent out the Equine Influenza Outbreak occurred. It has now been over 2 months since the first case of Equine Influenza was discovered.


Hopefully everyone has remained up to date on the situation, through updates on the Pony Club NSW website and through the EI newsletter which was distributed to all financial households during September. The Association encourages everyone to keep checking the updates on the website, along with the NSW DPI website – and to follow any directives of the DPI. If you have any questions please contact the State Office (02) 4229 8977, or phone the EI hotline 1800 675 888.


The Association also reminds members that the decision to suspend all horse activities statewide until 31 December 2007 remains in place. This includes the State Championships along with all Club and Pony Club Zone level horse activities. This is applicable to all Pony Clubs across the State and means that no Pony Club activities involving horses will take place for the remainder of the year – regardless of the DPI Zone the club falls within.


The outbreak has had varying effects on all of us - whether it has been having to treat sick horses, loss of income from horse related activities or just boredom from the lack of competitions and outings.  The Association wishes everyone well at this time and encourages you to keep up the effort in avoiding the spread of Equine Flu.  We hope that if your horses have been affected they are recovering and will be all set to participate in the New Year.  Please be careful not to bring your horse back into work too early as damage can be done, we suggest speaking with your vet for the best course of action.


Instead of the usual reports and results contained in Pon E News, this issue contains information on Certificates, activities to keep you occupied while there are no horse activities in Pony Club and competitions for your to enter and win some great prizes.


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In this month’s Pon-E-news:

  • Administrative Issues
  • Certificate Information
  • Competitions
  • Activities to keep you occupied during EI
  • Interesting Links

Administrative Issues



Applications for State Camp close on 1st November at State Office. The camp, at this stage, will still proceed. If the EI situation does not improve the decision will be reviewed and alternative arrangements made. Any changes will be posted on the Pony Club NSW website.


Applications for Junior State Mounted Games Squad close on 1st November at State Office.


The October Mail out has been distributed to Club and Zone Officials. It contained:

The search is on...


We are searching for photos to use in brochures, advertisements and on the website. So if you want you and/or your horse to feature in  Pony Club NSW promotional material, please email us any interesting and exciting photos you have. We are looking for photos that capture the essence of Pony Club – that is Fun, Friendship, Family, Improvement. Images must be of printable quality (generally over 1 MB in size) and have the owner's permission to be reproduced.


Please email any photos you have here.

Certificate information

While Pony Club horse related activities are on hold, this is a great chance to spend time learning about the theory component required for Efficiency Certificates. These certificates mark a members progress in Pony Club.

There are eight certificates a rider can achieve D, D*, C, C*, K, B, H and A are all general proficiency certificates. They are gained in order starting from D through to A.

In the past 3 State Newsletters, information on the D, D*, C, C* and K Certificates has been printed. This information is now available to viewed from the website.


Click on the link to see what each certificate involves:



Where are they now?


Pony Club NSW is proud of all its past and present members, and would love to know what some of them are up to nowadays. Tell us about a former or even current Pony Club NSW member who is doing something exciting now. It could be that they are now an Elite Dressage Rider, a Politician, an Olympic Swimmer, or a Young Australian of the Year. It doesn’t have to be horse related.


If you know a past Pony Club member that is now doing something interesting, exciting or special we want to here about it!


Email your submission here and go into the running to win ONE of THREE fantastic prizes from Horseland:


You could win:

  • A set of Weatherbeeta Wide Tab Float Boots and a matching Halter and Lead rope       OR,
  • A set of Roma Open Front Jump Boots & Contoured Fetlock Books and a matching Saddle Cloth       OR,
  • A Roma Bridle Bag, Hat Bag & Coat Bag and  a Roma Mini Grooming Kit.

So make sure you enter today! 


Pony Club of the month.


Goulburn Pony Club is this month's Pony Club of the Month. The number of entries received each month is steadily increasing and everyone entries have been appreciated. It is becoming increasingly difficult to select a winner. This indicates the quality of the clubs across the State. Goulburn Pony Club have won themselves $1,000 worth of product from Horseland.


The winning entry can be viewed here.


Nominations are open for the October Club of the Month. The entries are becoming more and more competitive, making it very difficult to choose a winner. We will feature highly commended Clubs in the December State Newsletter.


There are only three more opportunities in 2007 to win the Pony Club of the Month competition and win $1000 in Horseland products.

Please email us and tell us what makes your club special? Please include photos with your entry to be posted on the website

Activities to keep you entertained:


Here are some ideas of things you can do while you can’t compete or attend Rally Days:

  • Has your horse had the flu? Email your experiences with Equine Influenza to share with other pony club members. Click here to submit your story.
  • If you keep your horse on the same property as your friends, why not organise an informal internal competition.
  • Attend a training course for Sports Administrators, these range from Child Protection Seminars, Sports Management, Making Meetings Work, Committees - getting results and others. Click for more information.
  • Tidy up your tack room, give your gear a good clean and make sure that everything in is working order.
  • Read some horse books to improve your horse knowledge and skills – ‘Riding’ is a great educational resource available from the State Office
  • Watch videos of your past performances and critique yourself – did you approach the fence from the best angle? How does your position look?
  • Watch videos of past Olympics or the World Equestrian Games or other horse videos.
  • Sort through photos of you and your horse and create a photo album to preserve your memories.

Interesting links:

Champion Encourager - the Art of Inspiring Ourselves - Karen's Column.

Applications for the 2008 Country Athletes Scheme and Country Coaches & Officials Travel Scheme are now open.

Opportunity to attend training courses for sports administrators run by the Department of Sport.

NSW representatives' reports on their International Competition Experiences.

The Pony Club Association of New South Wales appreciates the support of its sponsors : -



NSW Department of Tourism, Sport & Recreation




Australian Feed Company


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