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Pon E News - December 2010

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In this edition of Pon E News: 
  • Closure of Office Over Christmas Break
  • Fee Increase
  • Information from November State Meeting
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Insurance
  • Host Zone Required for State Championships
  • MyClub & MyWebsite Access
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Paid Instructors at Pony Club
  • NCAS, Specialist & Regional Schools
  • Association Publications, Forms, Etc.
  • State Camp
  • 2011 National Pony Club Championships
  • Open Day Initiative
  • Merry Christmas 
All information available in the bi-monthly mail out to Club, and Zone, officials which should be received by the end of week.

Closure of Office Over Christmas Break
The State Office will be closed from Thursday 23rd December until Wednesday 5th January 2011.

Fee Increase
Affiliation fees for 2011 memberships will be increased to $45.00 for riding members and $27.00 for non riding members.

Information from November State Meetings
Minutes from the November State meeting are now available on the website under Publications / Council Meetings. It is also available for download here. Some motions of interest that were passed are as follows: -
  • It was moved that the word Junior be added to the 10 and Under 12 years, 12 to Under 15 years and 15 to Under 17 years classes and that the word Associate be added to the 17 to Under 25 year’s class.        
  • It was moved that the classes for the 2011 State Showjumping Championships be
    • Day 1                                     AM5, AM5
    • Day 2                                     2 round Grand Prix, Accumulator with Alternate Fence
  • It was moved that the games be used for the 2011 State Mounted Games Championships be:
    • Balloon Bursting Race                    
    • Hi Low Race                                       
    • Stepping Stone Race
    • Tyre Race                                                                                           
    • Rope Race                                                          
    • 9 Ring Race
    • Ball & Bucket Race                                          
    • Tack Shop Race                
    • Spillers Race
    • 5 Flag Race
  • Moved that the Myler Bit in levels 1 which was correctly circulated to the meeting be accepted.
  • Moved that we instruct an independent Sports Solicitor to supply a number of Constitution models for Pony Club Association of NSW to review 

Uniform Regulations
All members are reminded of the Uniform Regulations especially in regard to the correct coloured jodhpurs. See section 9 page 7 – 5 of the hand book for the full details however the section in regard to jodhpurs reads – “fawn or oatmeal jodhpurs” for all events other than sporting events where “riding trousers may be worn in fawn, bone or oatmeal” this does not include Mounted Games. Please note that all riders not suitably attired for State Events will not be permitted to compete.

Please note that all claims are to be sent to the State Office and we will forward the claims to the insurers that way we have a record of any claims submitted and can follow them up if necessary. Claims are not to be sent directly to the insurers under any circumstances.
Riders are classed as financial with the Club as soon as a membership renewal/application has been made, a risk warning completed and the appropriate fees paid. Once financial with a Club riders are covered by the Associations insurance cover. Please note, to make a claim you must be financial with the State Office.
Secretaries are reminded that affiliation fees MUST be submitted to the State Office within five (5) days of receiving payment or if updated on MyClub within five (5) days of receiving a monthly invoice. If using the online MyClub method Secretaries should not send in payment and risk warnings until they receive a MyClub invoice at the end of the month from the State Office.
It has come to our attention that a number of clubs have been found to have been holding onto affiliations for lengthy periods of time which may cause problems with insurance. Please ensure that all paperwork is submitted in the appropriate time frames.

Clubs who have not followed the correct procedures and have monies outstanding will not have any paperwork processed until the outstanding monies have been paid. If you have any queries about an account sent to you please contact the office to discuss. 

Host Zone Required for State Championships
Zones are reminded that all applications to host a State Championship must be submitted on the official application form before the next State Meeting in March. Currently we do not have any applications to host the following events:
  • Mounted Games 2011
  • Show Riding 2011
Without a host zone these events may be cancelled. Application forms are available on the website under Events / Host a State Championship. The form is also available for download here.  
Dates for State Championship with a host zone are listed on the website home page under Future Events,
PCAQ have notified the State Office that their first State Event will be Jumping Equitation and Showjumping held by Zone 6, Nambour QLD on the 19th – 22nd April 2011. Nomination forms will be available through the State Office once they are available from PCAQ.

MyClub & MyWebsite Access
Access to MyClub and MyWebsite must be renewed annually. Renewal falls due on the 31st January 2011 for all Club and Zones with current access. Application forms were included in the October mail out and can also be downloaded from the website under Club & Zone Management / Forms. They are also available here;
A large number of clubs are now utilising the online database to complete affiliations and maintain their records.  It would be appreciated if the trusted club officials also updates the contact details for members, particularly email addresses. 
Using MyClub you can send electronic newsletters to each of the members for whom you have an email address. Clubs should only send in risk warnings and payment for MyClub affiliations once they receive an invoice from the office.
There are still a large number of outstanding MyClub invoices. Please forward outstanding payments to the State Office as soon as possible or your MyClub access may be denied.
We have updated our financial records to MYOB and have sent out letters to all Clubs with an outstanding debit or credit. Please note that as at the 1 September 2010 no credit will be honoured without a copy of the credit notice. If you have received a notice for an outstanding debit please forward payment immediately (or proof that payment has already been made).
Clubs who have not paid their outstanding debts will be deemed unfinancial and will have their MyClub access denied and may have all other processing suspended until payment has been received.

Conflict Resolution
There are very clear and defined regulations in regard to disputes within Pony Club (see the PCANSW Hand Book for regulations). All queries and or disputes should be made in writing firstly to the Club Secretary. If the matter cannot be successfully mediated at this level further submissions should be made in writing to the Zone Secretary to look into the matter. If the matter cannot be successfully mediated at Zone level then, and only then, should a final submission be made in writing to the State Office.
If Clubs or Zones need help with the mediation process they can contact either the State Office or the Association’s Chaplain Karen Moreton via email at All policies in relation to Codes of Behaviour, Anti Harassment and a number of other policies can be found on our web site under Policies / General Policies. PCANSW follows the Communities of Sports and Recreation guidelines and the Association takes all matters seriously.
Consultant Mark McPherson has also provided the association with three great articles on dealing with unacceptable behaviour which can be found in the June, September and December 2010 newsletters. These are available to download on our website under Publications or by clicking here. For more information visit Mark's website,
Clubs are encouraged to have a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) to help all members. Information and courses can be found on the Play By the Rules website, as well as the Department of Sports and Recreation website, NSW Sports Federation also conducts courses and you can contact Julie Stafford at or call 02 8116 9737 to find out when the next MPIO workshop will be run. Julie also runs a number of other courses that may be of interest and is happy to travel to your area for a set fee.
Remember to treat each other as you expect to be treated yourself, with respect and patience and note that all committee members are volunteers who have given up their time.

Paid Instructors at Pony Club
Zones and Clubs are reminded that only those instructors listed on the Paid Instructor Panel (PIP) list are permitted to be paid for giving instruction at Pony Club. A list of the current PIP is available on the website under Coaching / Paid Instructors Panel. The list is also available here.
PCA has taken out insurance cover for these instructors who have been approved by the ZCI committee. Any other professional instructing at pony club may do so in accordance with the rules (refer Handbook 3-9, 14.)
Clubs are reminded that all payments for Instructor’s on the PIP list must come through the State Office at least two (2) weeks before the school is to be held. Any grant applications from Clubs in regard to travel reimbursement for Instructors attending a camp (must be an overnight camp) must be received at this time as well. Please note, if you apply for a grant for the travel portion for the Instructor please do not pay the Instructor directly as this will be paid by the State Office. Any duplication of travel reimbursement may not be refunded.

NCAS, Specialist & Regional Schools
Clubs are reminded that there is a $550.00 refundable deposit fee for all schools. This fee is refunded once the school has been completed. Cancellations of schools and NCAS assessments will incur this fee unless postponed or cancelled within the required time frame i.e. the last working day two weeks before the school is booked for. A fee of $20.00 per rider also applies to all Regional Schools and $10.00 fee for Specialist Schools with a minimum of 18 attendees. This fee is due when booking the school and should be sent as a separate cheque to the refundable deposit. Schools can only be booked through ZCI’s and forms can be obtained by contacting Jane Frankum on 02 4229 8977 (Tuesday’s only) or emailing

Association Publications, Forms, Etc.
Clubs, Zones and members are reminded that a number of items can be found on our website,, including:
  • Minutes under the Publications tab along with back issues of the newsletter and Karen’s Column and the Honour Roll.
  • The Associations Hand Book under the Policies tab as well as a list of all amendments to the Hand Book. The Executive are currently working on updating the Hand Book to ensure that all amendments are incorporated within the Hand Book as well as looking into changing the format so that it is easier to print directly from the web site. Your patience whilst this is being done is appreciated.
  • Forms under the Club and Zone Management tab as well as information and resources for Club Management, Insurance issues, Merchandise forms, Corporate Governance, Event Resources and Judges and Course Designers.
  • All State, National and International Event schedules, draws and information on how to host a State event can be found under the Events tab.
Please check the web site for information before contacting your Club, Zone or the State Office as in 99% of cases the information can be found there.

State Camp
Congratulations to those riders who have been accepted to State Camp which will be held 9th to 14th January 2011 at Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park. A full list of riders can be found here.
As the office will be closed from Wednesday 22nd December until Wednesday 5th January if you have any queries in regard to State Camp please direct them to Jenny Frankum on 02 4653 1336 or mobile 0439 484 140 or Di Cullen on 02 4842 7265 or mobile 0437 427 265.
If for some reason you are unable to attend State Camp please notify either Jenny or Di as soon as possible so that they can get in contact with the reserves.

2011 National Pony Club Championships
The 2011 National Pony Club Championships will be held at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre, Victoria from Monday 26th September to Saturday 1st October 2011. For the Long List riders, preferred events dates and more please visit the state website under Events / National Championships.

Open Day Initiative
Due to a poor response from Clubs and Zones the Open Day Initiative that was scheduled for April 2011 has been postponed until February 2012. All of those Clubs and Zones who have scheduled this initiative for 2011 are encouraged to go ahead and should contact the Marketing Coordinator, Lisa, by email to organise media releases in your area.
The Executive suggests that Clubs and Zones use their first registration days in 2012 for the Open Day Initiative and a number of suggestions were made in regard to how you could turn this into a fund raising day as well as hopefully gaining more members.
Suggestions like holding a “riding display”, hosting a “trash and treasure market”, “sausage sizzles” and a “morning tea” were all made. Any fundraising that is done on Club grounds will be covered by insurance as long as the fundraising initiative is minuted by the Club, any person riding is a financial Riding member and that details are supplied to the State Office in writing or via email.
These details apply to any fundraising or special event that is organised by a Club this may include financial Riding members participating in the Anzac Day march etc. Details must be minuted and sent to the State Office to be placed in a special events file for insurance purposes. If you are in doubt as to whether your event will be covered please contact the office preferably via email at so that this can be confirmed through the insurers.

Merry Christmas
The Executive and Staff at the State Office wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to another busy year in 2011.

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