International Events

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The Interpacific Rally is held bi-annually and is contested between Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, United States and Canada. Members 17 and under 21 years as of the 1st January in the year of the competition are eligible for selection to attend. Teams compete in a scrambled One Day Event and a Nations Cup Showjumping Event.


The International Mounted Games Exchange is held annually between Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States America. Riders must be under 16 years of age on 1st January in the year of competition.

International Quiz

The International Pony Club Quiz is a trivia competition testing Pony Club member knowledge on general horsemanship, horses and riding (can include pieces of tack or equipment, from any discipline, farrier's tools, veterinary utensils, bits, feed, etc).

The International Quiz is held by a host Pony Club country, Pony Club Australia will send a team of 4 - aged 16-24 years. Team members must hold at least a C certificate and will be selected based on achievement in a selection test. The written selection test will be sent to a shortlist of 10-15 applicants.


2018 International Teams

Team members

Representing Australia as a member of a Pony Club Australia national team is a great honour and achievement. PCA regularly sends teams to compete in Mounted Games, Inter-Pacific Exchange, Tetrathlon and Quiz. New for 2018 will be a showjumping team going to Normandy, France and a Polocrosse team going to the UK.

2018 will see four teams away

Team members for Mounted Games in the UK are nominated from State Pony Clubs on a rotational basis. In 2018, the IMGE team of 5 riders will be made up of a person from NSW, SA, Victoria, NT and WA, aged 15 or under at 1/1/2018.

Team members for International Tetrathlon in USA will be selected from nominations from all states. There will be a male and female team from Australia with 4 riders aged 16 – 21 years at 1/1/2018.

The 2018 team for France will have 4 riders with their B certificate and aged 17 – 19 years at 1/1/2018. The team will be selected from nominations from all states with no more than one rider from a single state.

PCA has been invited to compete in Polocrosse in the UK, and is seeking nominations for a junior team of 4 (aged 15 and under) and a senior team of 4 (aged 16-21).

Team members are required to:


Parents of team members

Some parents might elect to travel at the same time as the team. Parents are not part of the tour group and must not interfere with their child’s participation, or the authority of the team Coach and Manager.

Parents are required to:


Team Coach and Manager

It is a big responsibility and privilege to accompany a PCA team. Responsibilities commence from the date of your appointment and conclude some time after your return. The Coach and Manager roles are awarded to Pony Club members with the requisite experience, personal attributes and skills. PCA is committed to selection based on merit, and to succession planning in these national leadership roles. A person cannot fulfil an international team role more than 3 times. Applications from across Australia are encouraged.

The direct costs of your travel (airfare from closest capital city, tour costs, uniform, insurance) will be covered.

The Coach or Manager cannot be related to a team member (e.g. parent, step-parent, guardian, sibling).

The Coach and Manager work as a team, to ensure that the riders/competitors have the best, safest and most successful experience possible, whilst upholding the impeccable reputation of Pony Club Australia.

Duties and responsibilities include:


2019 International Teams

At this stage PCA Teams will be competing in the following International events:


Pony Club Australia will also be hosting visiting teams from France and China.