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PCA & EA Dual Membership Rebate - Age Changes

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Judith Pitt, Monday, 19 December 2011


Equestrian Australia (EA) and Pony Club Australia (PCA) are proud to announce  A CHANGE to the ages of the the PCA/EA Dual Member Rebate Scheme.


The PCA/EA Dual Member Rebate Scheme is a program jointly developed by Pony Club Australia and Equestrian Australia to provide a benefit to riding members of both organisations. This rebate recognises the commitment of dual members and assists to facilitate lifelong equestrian participation via a pathway through Pony Club and Equestrian Australia.

Commencing from the 01 January 2012, a $50 per person rebate will be available for eligible members who are, or want to become, dual members. Any current riding member of an Australian Pony Club, who is aged between 11 and 18 years (as of 1 January 2012) and currently is or would like to also be an Equestrian Australia member is eligible to receive a $50 rebate upon completing their EA membership.

This initiative forms part of Equestrian Australia’s broader participation strategy, which has been supported by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) ‘Participation Funding’.

Equestrian Australia’s CEO Grant Baldock explains the significance of the rebate scheme and the importance of supporting junior riders and encouraging new participants.  “EA is excited to be working with Pony Club Australia to be able to offer this rebate to junior riders. Youth participation in equestrian sport needs to be nurtured and a clear pathway defined for development and progression. This rebate scheme lays the foundation of a strong working relationship between our two organisations, which share the common goal of supporting members and strengthening participation in equestrian sport.”                                                                                         

Olympic silver medallist Shane Rose feels that Pony Club and Equestrian Australia both played a vital role in his road to success. “Both organisations helped me achieve what I have achieved. I was a long-time member of Pony Club and it was there I found my love of riding and learned the basic principals of horsemanship. Equestrian Australia has since provided me with the high performance opportunities to fulfil my international goals.  I think this is a great initiative and applaud the Australian Sports Commission for their support.”

Pony Club Australia President, Mr. Greg Bailey acknowledges and agrees with comments from Baldock and Rose. “As the two organisations are autonomous in their directions, this rebate to junior riders recognises the existing healthy relationship between Pony Club and Equestrian Australia, with Pony Club providing the grassroots equestrian training and skill to take riders through to high performance training and for some to the Olympics.  We are pleased to continue to work collaboratively with Equestrian Australia to further educate young Australian equestrians,” he said.

The PCA/EA Dual Member Rebate Scheme can be accessed through the EA equnect system. Applicants simply need to ensure their PCA membership is current, register for equnect via their EA State website, and complete the membership form (ensuring they select the EA/PCA Junior Dual Membership category).

For further information please refer to the PCA/EA Dual Member Rebate Scheme Fact Sheet found on the link at the bottom of this page

For more information on the rebate scheme please contact

EA inquiries               Holly Davis on 02 8762 7777 info@equestrian.org.a

PCA inquiries             Greg Bailey 08 8212 3883 info@ponyclubaustralia.com.au



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