Paid Instructors Panel

In order to be eligable to be placed on the Paid Instructors Panel you must fulfill the following criteria.

Once your application has been received by PCANSW the Coaching Coordinator will contact you to organise for two Officials from PCANSW to view you instructing, then your application will be presented to the Zone Chief Instructors Committee at its next meeting to be ratified. If there are no objections you will be placed on the Paid Instructors Panel List for 12 months probationary period during which feedback reports will be provided by clubs/zones utilising your coaching services. A review will be undertaken at the end of this period after considering feedback and you may be then offered full membership of the Paid Instructors Panel.

Clubs/Zones interested in booking a Paid Instructor Panel School are to follow this procedure.

  1. Clubs/Zones will contact the PIP member as to availability, costs for conducting a school and book the PIP if appropriate.
  2. The clubs/zones will contact the PCANSW state office to advise of the booking and the costs associated for the school. The club/zone will beforward prepayment including GST for the PIP member to the PCANSW state office no later than fourteen days prior to the school being held, including breakdown of the payment on the PIP Booking Form.
  3. Immediately after the completion of the school, (or its cancellation if appropriate) the club/zone will contact the state office to advise of the school being held or otherwise.
  4. After receiving confirmation of the school being held the Association will issue payment to the PIP member.
  5. Coaching fees are taxed according to the advice given to the PCANSW state office.
  6. At the end of the financial year the instructor will receive a group certificate from the Pony Club Association.


Paid Instructors Panel - Application To Join

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Booking form and list of instructors

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