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TRUNDLE - Club of the Month - JULY 2009

Stephanie Puris, Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Entries are now open for the Pony Club of the Month - August. Entries for this close on the 31 August 2009. Again the prize in $1,000 worth of product from Horseland, includes body protectors, dressage cones, grooming kit. Please email us and tell us what makes your club special along with some photos!

(Non-winning entries from previous months may be considered again in future months, but are also welcome to re-enter.)

Pony Club of the Month - 


TRUNDLE PONY CLUB (Zone 11) is the Club of the Month for JULY. The Club has won themselves $1,000 worth of product from Horseland. This prize includes dressage cones, lunging equipment, bandages, books, training aids and other exciting resources.
The products within the prize packs have been selected as they can be used as training tools within the club. The packs are designed to assist clubs improve their resources to benefit members.
We have had a number of outstanding entries over the last few months, which makes selecting a winner very hard. Congratulations to all clubs who have entered the competition - you all attend very inspiring clubs! We look forward to receiving more exciting entries this month.
The Clubs's entry is best viewed in PDF Format as there are photos and personalities to meet through the photos - click here

Trundle pony club was restarted 12 months ago after 30 years. After a lot of hard work by our members and their families and lots of community help our club is now 20 members strong and all involved are enjoying the benefits. But don’t take my word for it let’s hear from it straight from the horses mouth.
I (Jimmy the horse) overheard a conversation while standing in my stall at pony club recently between the boss (chief instructor) and some kids asking why they liked coming to pony club. I wondered why nobody ever asked my opinion or that of my friends after all without us it would just be club. So I set about asking some of the lads what they thought. Here are some of their answers:
Ace: Beats standing around the paddock doing nothing and my owner seems to enjoy it.
Simba: I like getting hay at lunchtime. That never happens at home.
Bluey: Just another day at the office teaching these young whippersnappers what it’s all about, somebody’s got to do it.
Binjang Oasis: (my mates call me ace but I prefer my full name).
It’s like a day at the spa for me. I like to pampered, after all, a horse of my breeding deserves no less.     
Angel: It’s nice to get amongst the boys and show off my many talents.
Cocoa: It’s nice to get out and have some stimulating conversation with my peers rather than just my paddock mate.
Wyatt: It gets me out and about and I get to learn some new things rather than just chasing cows around all day.
Oscar: Being the youngster of the group it’s good to get some feedback from the oldies on how they think I’m progressing.
Jocko: It gives me the opportunity to practice things I’m not sure of without the added pressure of competition
Jedda: I’ve been around the traps a bit so it’s good to share my wisdom and knowledge with those less fortunate.
So there you have it, as you can see we all have a great time at pony club and I think all the lads agree we wouldn’t have it any other way.               

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