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STROUD - Club of the Month - February 2009

Stephanie Puris, Monday, 2 March 2009

Entries are now open for the Pony Club of the Month - MARCH. Entries for this close on the 31 March 2008. Again the prize in $1,000 worth of product from Horseland, includes body protectors, dressage cones, grooming kit. Please email us and tell us what makes your club special along with some photos!
(Non-winning entries from previous months may be considered again in future months, but are also welcome to re-enter.)

Pony Club of the Month - STROUD:


STOUD PONY CLUB (Zone 25) is the Club of the Month for FEBRUARY. The Club has won themselves $1,000 worth of product from Horseland. This prize includes dressage cones, lunging equipment, bandages, books, training aids and other exciting resources.
The products within the prize packs have been selected as they can be used as training tools within the club. The packs are designed to assist clubs improve their resources to benefit members.

We have had a number of outstanding entries over the last few months, which makes selecting a winner very hard. Congratulations to all clubs who have entered the competition since its inception over 18 months ago - you attend very inspiring clubs! We look forward to receiving more exciting entries this month.

Below is the Clubs's entry - click here to download PDF of entry

We believe that our pony club very special and we believe worthy as a contender for Pony Club of the Month. Stroud Pony Club may not be the biggest club around, but our members share one special quality – we CARE.


We think of it like this:

Community Minded





Let’s take a closer look at how we CARE.


ommunity Minded

Our members comprise a fantastic group of children and adults who like to work in close contact with our local community.


Our members support and interact with other community groups, sharing skills and their time to make our farming community a better place to live. Whether it’s a horse-related organisation like our local Rodeo Committee or the Show Jumping Committee, or even a non-horsey event such as Stroud’s International Brick Throwing Competition (lots of fun), our members are always willing to lend a hand.


Stroud Pony Club members vary widely in age from 3 years to 15 years. But despite the difference in sizes and shapes, they all share one common thread – our members love to be in the saddle all day, spending an active day out with their horse or pony.


Everyone is active when it comes to helping too. Our older members set a great example for the ‘littlies’, moving heavy jumping poles and showing younger members how to read map layouts showing where equipment should be placed.

Our Club Captain also takes an active role, keeping an eye on younger riders and guiding them through rally days, especially towards the end of a day in the saddle when young attention spans tend to wander.


It’s this sort of active teamwork and participation that we believe will foster loyalty, and help our young pony lovers grow into wonderful adults with a proud sense of citizenship.



Stroud Pony Club members share a wonderful team spirit, and over the last few months we’ve all worked together, showing plenty of resourcefulness, to make some fantastic improvements to our club facilities.

These changes, which will let our members enjoy more time in the saddle, have been made on a shoestring budget and could only be achieved with plenty of community involvement.


Already this year, we have received donations of time, paint and specialist tools to give our showground fencing a fresh coat of white paint. This will boost the longevity of the timber rails while also improving visibility for our members – a valuable plus for safety.


We have a new storage area too, enabling us to have all our equipment in one location close to riding areas. It means less time setting up, and more time for our members to improve their riding skills. We even had help in constructing a ramp into our gear shed, so that everyone – from tiny tots to older riders, can lend a hand setting up and packing away.


Stroud Pony Club recognises the value of providing an educational program of activities – even when Mother Nature has other ideas.

Our first Registration Day, held in February, proved one of the hottest Sunday’s on record, and with the mercury reaching 43 degrees we decided it would be kinder to the older horses and our younger members, to have a horse-free event.


With the formalities of registration over, our members knuckled down for a fun-filled game of “What is it?”, where the children identified items of tack and grooming equipment using picture cards. This was a super game as it catered for all ages and levels of experience – as well as being a great icebreaker for new members. This was followed by a well-deserved – and much anticipated, dip in our local swimming pool.


We also cater for wet weather days, when our members meet at the local undercover rodeo stand, for worksheets and demonstrations.

We love our club, and are all very proud to be a part of our local community. It’s because we CARE that Stroud Pony Club is so GREAT

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